Archery in Sittingbourne

Shoot arrows in a corner of England’s green and pleasant land when you try archery in Sittingbourne! Head down to this pleasant part of Kent and see if you can get your arrows quivering on these all-inclusive sessions.

It’s a lovely little set up here at Wormdale Farm just outside the picturesque village of Newington in the heart of the Swale district in Kent. As you turn into the drive way and head up to this outdoor pursuit centre it’s a real breathe of fresh air for you. Proper Kentish countryside and greenery all around. The perfect setting for having a go at archery.

For these events you will be divided into shooting squads. You will each be allocated a bow (this Sittingbourne school uses modern re-curve type bows) according to your physique. Then it’s time for a briefing where the simple rules to ensure safety is maintained at all times are explained to you. Then you will head out to the archery challenge area.

And it’s just as you’d expect from the farm estate setting in Swale. Freshly mown lawns create a sizeable shooting area that’s nice and flat with the targets placed between 15 and 20 metres away from you. They are traditional round-style targets with black blue red and gold concentric circles and your job is to get as close as you can to the golden circle with your arrows. Simple.

Well we say that but there is quite a knack to getting the right stance controlling your breathing setting up your shoot and the releasing your arrow to fly true and straight to land with a satisfying thud into the target. Top-notch coaching is included though so you’ll certainly be pointed in the right direction to succeed as it were!

You’ll soon realise there’s a competitive element to this sport so here in Sittingbourne the instructors will keep individual score cards for you which is not only great for keeping track of your progression for archery flop to top shooter but also could give you bragging rights in the pub afterwards if you get top marks!

Our archery in Sittingbourne gives you up to 50 arrows to shoot and lessons last around one hour. Sessions are offered all year round as long as the weather in the Swale area is playing ball and everything you need is included with these vouchers.

Find out more and book your place today!

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