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Archery in South Wales | The Real Britain Company

Archery in South Wales

Head to the Brecon Beacons for great value archery in South Wales! This outdoor centre is in the foothills of the Black Mountains in an area that is stunning and filled with brilliant outdoor activities too one of the most popular of which is archery.

What a location for your archery experience! Between Brecon and Hereford this centre is easy to get to from all South Wales and across the border into England. It’s picturesque and well away from the tourist crowds meaning there’s plenty of space to have some fun and try some new activities.

Archery is as old as the hills that surround you here. In fact back in days of yore Welsh archers were the most feared in Europe. Skilled and highly accurate you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of a warrior from Wales with a bow in their hand. Nowadays archery is a sport for all that’s great fun and you can expect a warm and friendly welcome from this South Wales team!

Once you’ve listened to the safety briefing and got kitted out with a modern recurve bow and the protective gear it’s time to head to the outdoor archery stands. You’ll be taking aim at traditional roundel-style targets to see who’s the Brecon hotshot. Instructors will be on hand to give you help with your stance and aim so no previous experience is necessary.

What we love about these archery sessions in South Wales is the fact that they give you extended time out on the stand. When archery experiences are often an hour long there 2.5 hour lessons give you plenty of time to pick up the basics get used to shooting the arrows and then (hopefully) start progressing as you continue to take aim at the target. What’s more it’s suitable for all ages as little ones as young as eight years old can take part.

Find out more and book your place today!