Archery in Sunderland

Give archery in Sunderland a try – and see if you can hit the bullseye! These archery sessions take place in a well-equipped activity centre where the team is super friendly and the atmosphere is really welcoming and relaxed.

This amazing place offers a whole myriad of activities for all ages offering everything from sports out on the water to indoor activities . The idea is that anyone can get involved and you don’t have to be mega sporty. It’s all about having a go and inclusion for all. These vouchers are for archery sessions at this wonderful Sunderland location.

You’ll be in an indoor range for these archery experiences so even the good old British weather won’t be able to put a dampener on your archery day. Come rain or shine you’ll be able to pick your bow and have a go.

Of course you won’t just be expected to rock up and release the arrows with no training. Archery GB instructors are on hand to do a pre-session briefing to explain the rules etiquette and safety measures. After that it’s hands-on tutoring on how to handle hold and use your bow. There’s a bit of technique to it but once you’ve got the knack you’ll be on a roll.

This Sunderland centre uses the latest recurve bows which are easy to use and come in various weights and sizes to suit archers from the age of six years old. So no matter your age or build there’s a bow to suit you. And that’s actually the important bit: to get the correct equipment.

Once you’ve got the right kit and been shown the basics it’s time to get firing those arrows at the targets. It’s great fun accessible and can get quite competitive – especially if you book in for a group of you together (we sell vouchers for two to 12 of you). So why not get a gang together for a fun session of archery in Sunderland?

Find out more and book your place today!

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