Archery Leicester

There’s archery in Leicester and then there’s Leicester’s archery and rifle experience so which one will you choose? Archery with arrows and rifles with pellets combine for a duo of thrilling experience in Leicestershire that is sure to get the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you anticipate each shot.

You can choose a traditional archery lesson which will last around an hour or you can go for the combo of archery and rifle shooting with a 30 minute blast doing each of the activities. Either way you’ll love the military-style setting on the farm near Leicester at Husband’s Bosworth. Worth noting is that the venue is far enough away from residential areas that you can make as much noise as you like so let the shots ring out.

All kitted up and ready to go your professional archery instructors at this friendly Leicester outdoor centre will give you a full safety and technical briefing so you know just how to handle that bow and arrow. Then it’s off to the target range to try and score as many bullseyes as you can in your hour.

If you opt for the archery and rifle combination after a 30 minute session with the bow and arrow you’ll head over to the trench rifle range which is totally unique for Leicestershire and certainly looks the part. Purpose-built with steel bunkers and sandbags the range has a proper combat feel to it which is bound to motivate you to hit those targets spot on. Rifles used are actually pre-charged bolt action sniper rifles so there’s no faffing with loading and unloading you just need to get down into your crouch stance take aim and get on with your firing mission.

Whether you choose archery or the rifle and archery combination this setting in Leicestershire makes for a exhilarating outdoor experience for individuals or groups of up to six people for the archery and 12 for the combined activity. For shooting with a difference it’s got to be archery Leicester!

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