Archery Manchester

Calling all Mancunians who want to try archery! Manchester city centre is just 10-miles away but when you’re in the middle of the woods with a bow and arrow in your hand you could be a million miles away. These archery crossbow and axe throwing experiences are superb fun for all.

We are offering one-hour archery lessons at Botany Bay Woods near Eccles. If you want to spice up the experience we highly recommend you go for the archery combo which gives you the hour of archery plus your choice between axe throwing and crossbow shooting. Both are utterly brilliant and loved by everyone who tries them.

All sessions start with a safety briefing as you will be armed with sharp pointy things that handled incorrectly could be dangerous. It’s all done very professionally of course but keeping the tone light and friendly which is the whole aim of the game here in Manchester. The archery set up is in a clearing in the middle of the woods so this is where you’ll head to after the basecamp briefing.

You’ll be kitted out with a modern recurve bow. They come in left and right-handed versions as well as different sizes so the right one will be selected for you according to your height and build. Instruction is initially on a one-to-one basis to show you how to load the arrows hold the bow stand and then fire the arrow at the targets.

From thereon in the instructors will be on-hand to tutor and assist if you need it. Once up and running with confidence the team will organise some games for you to try. Some are purely competitive some are really quite funny and others very cleverly get even the weaker archers on a winning streak!

And don’t forget if you go for the combo experience rather than just pure archery at this Manchester venue you can add on crossbow archery or axe throwing. You’ll be either lobbing American Eagle throwing axes into huge chunks of wood or you’ll be going high-tech with a crossbow. Less effort than archery yet way more lethal! 

Find out more and book your place today!