Archery Milton Keynes

Discover archery in Milton Keynes! Willen Lake is a fabulous place offering loads of different sports and leisure pursuits for all the family one of the most popular of which is archery. These sessions are suitable for all levels from the age of eight.

A short stroll along a path from Willen South lake will bring you to the paddock that’s been prepped and made ready to welcome both new and seasoned archers alike. These are instructor-led experiences so a welcome briefing is the order of the day then the equipment is handed out to you. You’ll be given a bow that is suitable for your height and stature.

Your instructor will show you how to load (known as ‘knock’ in archery circles) your arrow and how to release. They’ll give you helpful hints and tips too such as the right stance to adopt to be super stable on your feet lifting your elbow to be straight and pulling the bow back to be level with your right eye if you’re right-handed or left-eye if you’re left-handed.

After that it’s over to you and your group to tackle the targets. They’re your classic roundel type and the first challenge is to manage to get an arrow to land and stay in the block. Then it’s to get your arrow on the actual target rings then it’s hitting the bullseye – the ultimate accolade for archers.

You’ll have plenty of time to hone your skills as the group sizes are normally kept to a maximum of 12 archers at a time so everyone gets lots of time shooting their arrows. Set in a paddock just away from the main lake at Willen it’s a lovely quiet place to concentrate on getting those arrows flying straight and true yet just minutes from the lakes with activities cafe and pub restaurant on site too.

Archery experiences in Milton Keynes last a total of around 90-minutes and we think they offer great value for money making the sport accessible and fun at the same time. All the gear you need is provided and we are offering vouchers for one to six people so you can get the whole family together or gather your mates for a spot of archery.

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