Archery Staffordshire

Add another string to your bow of outdoor activities with a session of archery in Stoke on Trent! This Staffordshire archery centre is embedded in the heart of the countryside so there’s plenty of room for a line up of targets ready for you to take aim at – and there’ll even be games and challenges too.

Full training is included in this experience along with all the equipment you need. Modern recurve archery bows are used here at Stoke on Trent and one will be selected for your size. These are different to ancient hunting-style bows as the tips or limbs as they are known are curved. This means it is much easier to pull than the equivalent-sized traditional longbow.

To make sure everyone knows what they are doing there will be a group safety briefing at the reception lodge of this archery training centre near Stoke on Trent before an instructor goes around the group to give a detailed explanation of how to load the nock of the arrow onto the nocking point of the bow. Then you’ll discover the name of the game here is instinctive shooting that’s to say no sighting systems so rather than trying to hold the bow upright and straight you actually need to have it at an angle.

Then the concept of an anchor point will be explained to you which will improve your shooting consistency as it helps you pull the arrow back to the same point every time. Looking at the target in front of you it’s then a case of picking a spot on it focussing on that point and releasing the arrow from the string in your fingers. Let’s hope it flies straight and true right onto the bullseye! Even if your first shots fall way off the mark there’s plenty of time to improve as these Staffordshire sessions give you a full hour of archery.

It has been said that archery is in fact a simple game but it’s the mind that overcomplicates it. If you relax into it and enjoy your session of archery at Stoke on Trent’s finest outdoor target ground we’re sure you’ll agree. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be a fine Staffordshire bowhunter who lives for the draw of archery!

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