Archery Yorkshire

When it comes to archery in Leeds and Harrogate where better to learn about the arrows and the bows than in the grounds of a fancy castle or hotel? When it comes to location all these are spot on. We’ve got archery at Halewood Castle near Leeds and Ripley Castle near Harrogate. Images of barons high sheriffs and even Carmelite Friars make all these venues highly appropriate for getting to grips with the Medieval sport.

Of course back in the day when castles like Hazlewood in Leeds were in full swing archery was all about defence and hunting. Today the only thing you’ll have to defend is your pride as you try and hit the target rather than watching your arrows fly way past the mark and end up unceremoniously on the floor…

To help you in your quest to become a skilled marksman or woman a team of instructors has been installed in these archery basecamps in Leeds and Harrogate. Every member is experienced and passionate about archery. They all believe archery is suitable and accessible to people from all walks of life and for all ages. And indeed it is a great leveller when you all line up at the stand and concentrate on one thing – hitting the bullseye.

Archers as young as eight are able to shoot at the archery centres in Leeds or Harrogate. There is a good range of equipment available for lessons and there are bows with varying degrees of compound pressure (i.e. how far back and how hard it is to pull the string back to fire the arrow) one of which will be selected just for you. And if you find yourself getting hooked on archery in Leeds you can even join the archery club there and make it a new hobby!

Sessions are suitable for both beginners who want an introduction to the sport and those with experience who want to fine-tune their shooting skills. These lessons in archery at Leeds’ lovely Hazlewood Castle or Ripley Castle are a superb way to understand what it takes to be a spot-on archer. What’s more they’re fun too – as you’ll find out if you try and shoot through the apple on Susie’s head….Susie being an archery mannequin!

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