Audi Circuit Drive

There’s only one speed you’ll be going when you take the Audi R8 circuit experience – fast. This mid-engined two seater supercar is top of the tree at the headquarters of parent company VW in Germany. And let’s face it with the German Vorsprung durch Technik stuff in abundance and bucketloads of Italian passion behind the R8 this Audi was always going to be a great car both on and off the circuit.

You might think a big low-slung sports car with lots of power would be a real handful. Normally you’re right (especially when it comes to experiencing oversteer on rear wheel drive supercars) but this car is equipped with Audi’s trademark all wheel drive Quattro system which will keep you and the R8 glued to the circuit no matter how hard you are driving it.

Just as you’d expect then the Audi R8 handles the circuit brilliantly with a steering that is direct precise and flawless. We have to say it is a firm ride and you’ll feel every bump and lump on the road surface however we think such driver feedback is what is missing in the vast majority of mass-produced cars today but it still might take you by surprise. There’ll certainly be no surprise when you’re awaiting your turn to go out on the circuit in the Audi R8 because you can hear it coming way before you can actually see it!

When this impressive Audi does come into view you’ll instantly appreciate that distinctive sharp (rather than sleek) styling that is certainly befitting of this car’s muscly image. Time to jump in and go. As soon as you’re comfy in the swish leather and alcantara seat get those mirrors adjusted and with a clunk-click of the seatbelt you’re ready to mirror indicate and manoeuvre your Audi R8 from the pit lane onto the fast circuit. You will be enjoying three or six grin-inducing miles on your chosen track.

We think you’ll love the awesome acceleration of the Audi R8 on the circuit but changing down the gears is when you get to hear the true roar of this very slick and finely tuned 5.2l V10 engine. Especially as it’s positioned just inches away from you head! 

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