Audi R8 Driving

The best of Italian meets the best of German on this Audi R8 test drive! Based on the Gallardo the Audi R8 has catapulted VW parent company of both brands into the supercar stratosphere. Hailed a serious success by racing drivers motoring journalists and those mere mortals lucky enough to have the case to splash to actually buy one we think you’ll love giving it a whirl too.

The first generation R8 road car was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2006 and the second generations appeared in mid-2015 with a facelift in 2012. We have got one of those original V8 versions for you to test with that impressive 4.2l engine. We think everyone who likes cars and motoring should drive an R8 at least once in their life.

And of course being an Audi the R8 proudly wears that Quattro badge highlighting the handling prowess of this beast thanks to that celebrated all wheel drive system. You will have plenty of chance to test how well it holds the road for yourself when you fling it into and out of the high-speed sweeping corners on the circuit.

We are currently offering R8 testing sessions at three different venues around the UK. The track layout might differ at each one but this supercar handles them all with that typical German efficiency yet with a hint of Latin hot-headedness which makes this motor such a mix and such a delight. You’ll find it’s a very drivable car that you could actually use every day (although taking it to supermarket car park would strike fear in your heart) – but of course there’s no room for passengers in this a resolutely two seater!

There’s just enough room then for you and your professional driver who’ll be in the passenger seat next to you. Whilst your take the Audi R8 for your three or six mile test drive they will be on hand to give you ‘calls’ on when to go hard on the brakes and when you can hit that throttle and accelerate off. This is a great car to drive thanks Audi!

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Audi R8 Driving
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