Audi R8 Hertfordshire

Fancy a bit of Audi driving in Hertfordshire? Head down to Bovingdon Airfield for a high-speed Audi R8 drive that’ll knock your socks off in that very precise German way. This is the amazing R8 and you are going to be in charge of it for 10 fabulous laps…

Bovingdon is a great place to test drive a car. Any car in fact. So imagine our delight when we heard a gleaming Audi R8 has joined the line up of cars here at Bovingdon? This base near Hemel Hempstead is well-loved by the film and TV industry as a filming location and you can see why. It’s vast. It’s got excellent road links. The tarmac track offers a range of low and high speed corners. What’s not to love?

This track day operator and motorsport specialist has laid out a smooth tarmac test track at Bovingdon Airfield that the Audi R8 will love. This is a bespoke track for these supercar drives which means it’s been designed so you can get the most out of those high performance cars as you go pummelling those corners and curves. Indeed with names like ‘Esses’ ‘Bliss Chicane’ and ‘Achilles’ you just know it’s going to be a good one.

All those sweeping corners and technical bends requires some racing knowledge. That’s why this Audi driving session in Herts starts with some spotting laps with the instructor driving. You’ll head off around the track to suss out the racing line and braking points in something hot like an Evo an STi or an M3. The heat will then be turned up with a high speed passenger lap until the thermostat reaches boiling point when you step into the low-slung R8…

Get ready for 10 laps driving this supercar heavyweight from Quattro GmbH. We think you’ll love the way it drives. Solid as you’d expect but with a little Latin flamboyancy that’s itching to get out reflecting that Italian bloodline with Lamborghini. And let’s face it if an e-tron R8 is good enough for Marvel legend Tony Stark and that hairy chap Wolverine it’s good enough for all of us isn’t it?

As you roll back into the pits after you ten laps of Audi driving at this Hertfordshire track take a moment to reflect on what you’ve just done. It’s quite possibly the first time you’ve taken the wheel of a car that’s capable of accelerating that growling 4.2l V8 engine to reach 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds. It may be the first time you’ve had a go at driving on a race track. One thing’s for certain after taking the R8 out for a spin you won’t want it to be your last!

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