Audi R8 Thrill in Oxfordshire

This Audi R8 driving experience in Oxfordshire is our best value R8 product crossing the finish line at from just £49 per person. You’ll be at the airfield-style circuit in Upper Heyford for around two hours giving you and your friends and family plenty of time to soak up the motoring atmosphere.

Your Audi R8 driving experience starts with a classroom briefing where you’ll learn all about racing lines cornering and braking techniques in this V8 engined powerhouse of a car.

Then it’s over to you. The Audi R8 is a real superstar of a car and just climbing into the driver’s seat gets the adrenaline going. The stainless steel dashboard trim the sportingly low seats the back window you really can’t see a thing out of. All totally impractical on the public roads but who cares when it’s you who’ll be in the Audi R8 driving for three or six laps around the 1 mile off road circuit – it’s a experience you’ll never forget at a pleasing price too.

And for an extra thrill this Audi R8 driving experience in Oxfordshire is also available with a ‘hotlap’ added. Once you’ve driven the R8 you get to go around the track again but this time as a passenger in a performance car with one of the venue’s instructors driving so you can see how to push it to the limit on the tarmac!

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