Audi R8 Thrill

On these Audi R8 driving courses you’ll be driving a sports supercar that looks like it might have just arrived from the future boasting ground breaking technology and stand-out-from-the-crowds looks. It’s no wonder that all the automotive journalists were waxing lyrical about this supercar when it came out. Now here’s your chance to find out more about the fabulous R8 for yourself…

This visually simply gorgeous supercar challenges the performance of traditional rivals from Porsche Aston Martin and BMW whilst offering the unrivalled levels of style and reliability that Audi is renowned for.  With credentials like that it’s little wonder that the notoriously hard to please motoring press applauded this new arrival to the supercar scene. The Sunday Times referred to it as ‘the new king of the head turners’ and now you can be among the few who can say they’ve actually driven an Audi R8.

Once you have a feel for the layout of the circuit it’s time to jump into the driving seat and enjoy four high speed laps (or six miles) of the circuit of your choice in the amazing Audi R8.  Stunning yet small and agile this Audi has an all-wheel drive chassis 4.2 420bhp V8 engine and a top speed of around 187mph.

Under the guidance of your instructor you will soon be making smooth and rapid progress around this track. You’ll find when driving the Audi R8 it blasts along fast straights eats high speed corners and loves demanding chicanes!  At the end of your experience you will be presented with an individual driving assessment and personalised certificate to take home with you as a reminder of the day you showed off your supercar driving prowess. And remember there are several tracks available around the UK and you get to choose when you book your date which one you prefer for your Audi drive.

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Audi R8 Thrill
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