Austin Healey 3000 Track Experience

How does an Austin Healey drive? Like the clappers is the simple response! This great British bulldog of a car holds a place in the hearts of many motoring aficionados and although it may not have the swagger of other better known brands the Austin Healey is a fantastic piece of automotive engineering well worth experiencing.

With a six cylinder Austin engine bodywork by Jensen and assembly at the British Motor Corporation works in Abingdon this gem of a car was a triumph of British manufacturing. In its heyday the Austin Healey was driven in many rallies and achieved great successes. However it has to be said the biggest market for these cars was the USA and many of the 42 926 built between 1959 and 1967 were exported.

This means genuine right-hand drive UK-registered versions are pretty rare. They can also be a bit of a money pit and need TLC from specialist technicians who know how the intricacies of these innovative-at-the-time cars. That’s why we are so delighted to be able to offer this Austin Healey experience as they really are labours of love to keep on the roads in original condition.

The Austin Healey you will drive is a Mk III version that has been fully restored right down to the all-leather interior and the bright and bold red paintwork. You can’t mistake that characteristic front grill and air intake and don’t forget all 3000s were built as roadsters so if the sun is shining it’s hood down!

Often referred to as the flagship model of the ‘Big Healeys’ we think you will love this lusty-engined sports car and driving it will give you serious kudos in the classic car fraternity as it is a rather discerning car and indeed a timeless classic.

So what is a classic Austin Healey like to drive? Well forget the idea of power steering and synchromesh gears for a start. This is a proper driver’s car so you’ll need a little change of style when it comes to gear changing and use of the clutch. Even putting full-lock on the seemingly huge steering wheel is an arm-swirling mission.

This Austin Healey drive experience gives you three or six full laps of this airfield circuit. This is certainly a car that gives a great impression so will you be able to step up to the mark? We think this experience is a superb chance to step back with the Austin Healey to a bygone driving age when a gallon of petrol cost half a crown and traffic jams…well what were they?

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