Bad Boys Porsche Drive

Move over Will Smith it’s your turn to drive a Bad Boys Porsche! This explosive experience gives you three or six-miles at the helm of a lovely Porsche 911 Turbo just like the one Cop Mike Lowery drives in the 1995 hit film ‘Bad Boys.’

Who could forget the opening scene of Bad Boys? Mike Lowery and his narcotics crime fighting partner Marcus Burnett are cruising at sunset in a most glorious Porsche with some serious bants going on when Marcus realises he has nowhere to put his drink. “You paid like $80 000 for this car and you ain’t got no damn cup holder?”. That might be the case but as Lowrey retorts: “It’s $105 000 and this happens to be one of the fastest production cars on the planet. Zero to 60 in four seconds sweetie.”

But enough of quoting the typical 90s comedy drama of Bad Boys what is actually like to drive this bad boy Porsche yourself? In a word stunning. Porsches are proper drivers’ cars and demand to driven hard and fast. On these experiences your front seat passenger buddy will be an instructor and the cheesy banter will be replaces with lots of top tips on how to get the best out of this seminal car.

As it happens many of the venues you can choose from for your Bad Boys-inspired Porsche session are airfield circuits. That makes us think of the epic closing sequence of this all-action film starring that fresh-faced Smith. It’s a straight drag race along a runway between a Shelby Cobra and Lowrey’s Porsche being driven by Burnett.

Cue lots of shouting lots of sweating and concentration with wobbly camera work tyre screeching and all the rest as the two cars hurtle at max speed towards a concrete barrier. Of course there’s a gap but inevitably it’s only wide enough for one car. It’s a classic game of car chicken…

There’ll be no such shenanigans on your Bad Boy Porsche experience but you will be allowed to put your foot down and see what this baby can do. With that 3.3l turbo engine and 300bhp we think you’ll give Mike and Marcus a run for their money.

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