Bentley Continental GT Drive

The Bentley GT is a Grand Tourer with a capital G and a capital T. This is a comfy limousine-style four seater cruiser that’s ideal for chauffeuring VIPs around. But that’s only half the story. Drive the Bentley and you’ll realise that this GT has serious racing credentials as well.

Who’d have thought the Bentley GT designed engineered and built in Crewe could have such an incredible international reputation? It’s slick sleek and the car of choice for rich-folk around the world who want to drive or be driven in comfort and style but with all the stats to match. This is a 600bhp coupe that packs a serious punch for such a large car.

Inside it’s as luxurious as you’d hope. This is a car that comes with a whole palette of colours to choose from for your leather interior. With names like ‘Beluga’ Saffron’ ‘Nautic’ and ‘Burr Oak’ you just know the British-built Bentley is in a different league.

Of course the modern day Bentley GT under the guidance of parent company Volkswagen is no-longer the handcrafted vehicle it used to be but the marque has undoubtedly increased its following and gained many new fans thanks to exquisite detail and superb handling.

You’ll discover all this for yourself when you take the Bentley GT out on this experience. You will be at the helm of this deluxe motor for ten divine laps of the airfield circuit at Bovingdon. This car feels mature solid and rather lavish. But it also like to let its hair down on the track (after all this car features as an official parade car at the Nurburgring 24 hour race and the Continental GT3 is a pure race car).

Boasting four wheel drive with torque vectoring to make sure the correct amount of drive needed goes to each wheel at any given moment this GT sticks to the road really really well. With the latest twin-clutch technology the eight-speed self-shifting transmission is pretty nifty too. We think you’ll love it as much as this Bentley GT loves being driven ‘properly’ rather than cruising from hotel to hotel laden with shopping and VIPs!

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