Bentley Continental GT Thrill

The rich and famous might cruise along the highways in their Bentley Continental GT cars but you will be driving the Bentley Continental GT on the track making it much more fun. No speed limits no average speed cameras and no traffic cops. The only problem is of course that you have to give it back after your go.

In the not too distant past Bentleys were known for being large elegant and rather stately motor vehicles. Since Volkswagen got involved things have changed but in the good way as most motoring aficionados would agree. Those huge expensive status symbols are still there but the marque has attracted a new hipper and cooler clientel with the Continental GT.

Jay-Z sings about them loads of rappers have the GT as their main whip and Paris Hilton has a fully customised pink one complete with diamond encrusted dashboard. OK that last one might be pushing the limits of cool but in essence if you drive a Bentley you’re rich and you want everyone on the road to know it.

Your standard Continental GT starts at around £140 000 and that’s before all your dazzling and stylised extras. Whilst these vehicles are not known as sports cars they do get out on the track and compete in race series such as Le Mans and a Continental GT actually holds the world ice speed record set by Finnish WRC champ Juha Kankkunen in his personal GT.

Quite amazing for a car that weighs in at over 2.5 tonnes the V12 version you’ll be driving today on the track will do 0-60mph in around 4.7 seconds and can nudge a 200mph top speed. Again not bad for a car whose reputation is more about the elegance and supreme comfort of the ride rather than the power stats.

This experience will see you driving the Bentley Continental GT for either three or six miles around a professional-standard tarmac race track. With enough straight to get the rev counter jumping as you hit that tiptronic transmission and an ample numbers of corners to test that all wheel drive handling we think you’ll agree that actually being at the wheel of one on the track is way better than singing about them or coasting along Rodeo Drive at a snail’s pace.

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Bentley Continental GT Thrill
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