Biplane Aerobatics Sussex

Prepare yourself for some serious ‘seat of your pants’ biplane aerobatics! This Stampe is resident at Shoreham Airport and is ready to taxi off on an aerobatic experience with you onboard. We are offering 30 40 and 60 minute chock-to-chock flights in this wonderful open-cockpit plane.

In comparison to modern aerobatic aircraft the Stampe might look like a flimsy vintage biplane but don’t judge plane by it’s fabric wing coverings. This feisty little flyer is a very close Gallic cousin to the Tiger Moth and was a favourite in the Belgian and French Air Forces deployed as a sport aerobatic trainer. Production halted with the outbreak of WW2 but after France was liberated state-owned aircraft manufacturer SNCAN took up an order for over 700 Stampes – and this was one of the 846 that were built in France.

And that French heritage is very much in evidence with the ‘Tricolore’ proudly painted on the tail fin. This is a superb 1946 example of a Stampe SV4C. It’s proper magnificent men in their flying machines stuff with that open to the elements cockpit trimmed out in green leather and the dials all inset in fine polished wood. You might think there’s no way this classic Stampe is capable of any aerobatics these days but despite long passing your average working retirement age this Stampe loves nothing better than to turn your world upside down.

So with a little cry of ‘oh la la’ (or maybe something a little stronger!) hang on to your harness as you witness a loop the loop from the prime seating position right behind the propellor of the Stampe. Wing struts aside you get a front row seat as the more than willing Stampe is put through it’s paces. If you’re liking all the aerobatic moves you might even be treated to a little of sequence of moves.

And whilst it’s your highly experienced Stampe pilot who will handle take off and landing as long as you know your left hand and foot from your right hand and foot (that’s for the control stick and the pedals!) you’ll be handed control of this wonderful aerobatic biplane.

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