BMW i8 Driving Thrill

Your BMWi8 driving thrill is going to be thoroughly electrifying! These very unique super driving experiences available at North Weald Llandow and Blyton Park will see you driving BMW’s big plug-in hybrid car the i8. This is your chance to taste the future of motoring.

Indeed electric cars of tomorrow are right here right now. They’re making a serious impression on the tracks at the likes of North Weald in Essex Blyton in Lincolnshire and Llandow race circuit in South Wales. And not only that these Lithium-powered cars are actually giving quite a few supercars a run for their money. Could this spell the end of the traditional internal combustion engine we’ve known for decades?

Well yes and no. As well as the onboard battery this car actually has an engine. And this gives you the best of both worlds as you’ll find out when you get behind the BMWi8 on your driving thrill. If you’ve never driven an electric car before we can bet that you’ll be impressed by the acceleration. Many of us think an electric car will be slow and sluggish. But far from it.

Think back to the last time you drove a Dodgem. As soon as you put your foot down you’re off maximum ‘speed’ from the word go as you lurch off. And although it’s simplistic (apologies to BMW i8 boffins) it’s kind of how an electric car works. In a normal car engine the mix of fuel air and spark builds up gradually to build up torque gradually. In an electric car it’s all about electromotive force. You hit the throttle fully and you’ve got maximum voltage instantly and therefore maximum torque straight away.

That’s why when you accelerate in the BMWi8 it goes straight away. And very quickly at that. You’ll hit 0-60mph on the likes of the North Weald circuit in around 4.4 seconds. Impressive isn’t it? Erase the image of little city cars pootling around on a full charge this is fully-charged electric motoring with some serious spark as you’ll find out on your three or six lap BMWi8 driving thrill.

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BMW i8 Driving Thrill
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