BMWi8 Experience

What makes a BMW i8 drive so different to all the other sports car experiences we have on offer? Well to put it simply the i8 is an electric car. But make no mistake this is not a teeny car that pootles around to the supermarket this is an eco-car that has serious sports car looks!

Undoubtedly BMW has pushed the technology boat well and truly out with the i8. Originally appearing on the scene as the Vision Efficient Dynamics’ concept car no-one thought the actual production version would bear any resemblance to that crazy design but we’re delighted to say this road going green car does indeed look incredibly futuristic right down to the amazing butterfly-opening doors. And just look at those seemingly ‘floating’ rear panels. Nice.

And if you’ve seen the film  Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol you’ll know just how cool this BMW looks at night. As hero Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise cruises the streets of Mumbai in his newly acquired BMW i8 he is most definitely upstaged by those highly-efficient laser headlights.

Start up the i8 and you might be surprised by the engine noise. That’s because it’s actually a hybrid with three powertrains. There’s the 129bhp electric motor driving the front wheels the second electric motor that acts as a booster/generator and a three cylinder 227bhp turbo engine driving the rear wheels (that’s where the throaty singing comes from!). All that combines to offer 135mpg and an electric-only range of 22 miles.

Of course you’ll be impressed by the designer good looks of the i8 but we think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the performance when you drive it. OK it’s no M series BMW but it does accelerate very well in Sport Mode and you’ll go from a standing start to 60mph in around 4.2 seconds mostly thanks to the carbon fibre body that keeps the overall weight down despite the batteries and engine.

This experience gives you the chance to drive one of these sought-after i8s (BMW has a 10 month waiting list in the UK for them) around a proper race track for three or six glorious eco-friendly (ish) miles. Take the BMW i8 for a drive and discover the world’s funkiest hybrid sports car that looks like a gas-guzzler but is actually exempt from the London Congestion Charge!

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BMWi8 Experience
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