Bridget Jones Locations Tour

If you love your rom-coms you’ll love this Bridget Jones tour! The walking tour which includes London locations from all three Bridget Jones films lasts around 2.5 hours and is hosted by an expert guide.

Helen Fielding’s hapless heroine Bridget Jones captured the hearts of every 30-something working woman and this tour brings some of those brilliant bits from the films alive. Who could forget the glorious moment the Mark and Daniel spat inside the Greek restaurant spills out into the streets around London Bridge? And we all felt for Bridget when she wandered glumly around Borough Market after discovering that dastardly yet irresistible Daniel was seeing ‘Lara from the New York office’. Boo!

Then there’s the door. The door to Bridget’s London flat which featured in the trio of films. Who’d have thought so much action could take place in a bachelorette apartment over a pub in Borough Market? As well as all her visitors this is also where Darcy and Cleaver had that comedy brawl in the street.

And how about seeing where dashing Mark Darcy’s offices were? You can also hark back to the scene where Darcy buys Bridget a brand new diary. And an absolute must-do is going in to the newsagent where Bridget bumped into Darcy during the Aghani case. Yes it really is an actual newsagents!

Each of these classic Bridget Jones locations are in and around central London. You’ll be walking at a leisurely pace throughout the guided tour and the itinerary includes a short journey on the London Underground.

All tours give you plenty of time to stop and take selfies in front of all these iconic buildings and film locations as you follow in the footsteps of everyone’s favourite single girl in London. And if you think you know your romantic comedy movies just wait until you meet your Bridget Jones tour guide who’ll be accompanying you – they know everything right down to classic lines from the scripts and the song lyrics too!

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Bridget Jones Locations Tour
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