Brighton Powerboat Rides

These Brighton boat trips take cruising along the water to a whole different level! This Brighton RIB experience is all about powering over the waters on a speedboat ride that’ll get you bouncing on the crest of the wave. Feel the acceleration feel the sea wind in your hair…and get wet!

A word of advice for anyone thinking of going on a power boating excursion from Brighton: make sure you take a change of clothes. That’s because these RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are formidable vessels out on the water and capable of high-speed turns that’ll definitely get the water splashing back up into your face. But don’t worry it’s all part of the fun of this adrenaline-fuelled passenger boat trips.

Your departure point is Brighton Marina. You’ll listen to an on-shore briefing and then get kitted out in life jacket and waterproofs. Just keep an eye on that highly qualified skipper who will be leading the charge out on the water though if they’ve got a glint in their eye you could be in for some seriously fast moments out there. Especially if sea conditions are good…

That’s also why these Brighton RIB rides tend to operate in the later afternoon when the waters are starting to calm a little and there generally are fewer water users around. This means the open seas are your oyster and the RIB loves nothing better than to lap up the waves at high speed all for your boating pleasure of course.

As you head out through Brighton’s marina you might think it’s all a little bit pedestrian as you slowly work your way past all the moored boats. But fear not that’s just the harbour speed limits. Wait until you get a certain distance from the shore and your driver will open the RIB’s throttle and you’ll feel your head being pushed back in to the seat as you power off into the distance.

Indeed RIBs like the ones used on these boat trips are capable of reaching speeds of up to 65km/h and when you’re in an open boat in the sea that feels really really fast. At that speed you might think Brighton’s coastline flashes by in a second but you will have time to take in those seafront views including the famous pier and the Brighton i360. But enough of the sightseeing back to the break-neck speeds and fast cornering on these Brighton boat trips!

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