British Airways i360 & Borde Hill Gardens for Two

Prepare for take-off! This is British Airways i360 the world’s first observation pod and observation tower located at the West Pier on Brighton sea front. With this package you are in for an amazing flight to the skies that gives you views of up to 26 miles over the Sussex coastline and countryside as well as offering entrance to Borde Hill gardens!

Designed and conceived by London Eye creators Marks Barfield Architects British Airways i360 will take you 450ft up into the Brighton sky as the futuristic glass viewing pod glides slowly and elegantly to the top of this steel tower and back down again in around 30 minutes.

The fully enclosed pod is super high tech and can accommodate up to 200 passengers on each vertical voyage with room for everyone to move around freely whilst casting an eye on the Brighton views from those distinctive curved windows. In the evening the pod is transformed into the ‘Sky Bar’ the most unique bar in the UK serving drinks so you can raise your glasses as you rise gracefully into the air!

Your journey up the tower above the Brighton skyline is gentle and utterly captivating and comfortable too as there is bench seating air conditioning and heating onboard. And back in the beach building it’s all very stylish as well with a full glass pavilion-style building that houses a restaurant exhibition children’s play area private dining and event rooms too.

As well as getting you sky-high on British Airways i360 this package gives you the extra bonus of tickets to Borde Hill Gardens boasting the famous ‘living garden rooms’ with hundreds of species of plants. Located around a 45 minute drive away from Brighton seaside at Hayward’s Heath this tranquil place also offers lovely vistas of the Sussex High Weald and is the perfect match for your trip on Brighton’s newest viewing tower.

And remember this is the only observation pod in the whole wide world so not only do you get enjoy the fabulous views you will be experiencing British engineering and design at its innovative best when you take off for your sky high seafront adventure on British Airways i360.

Find out more and book your place today!

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British Airways i360 & Borde Hill Gardens for Two
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