British Classic Car Choice

This is the British Classic Car Choice and the experience does exactly that – gives you a choice of great British classic cars for you to drive! Offered at a range of tracks and circuits around the country it’s great value and flexible too.

We are offering vouchers to drive one two three four or five cars in the British Classic fleet. The cars represent the British car industry across the ages. Some are big and throaty sports cars others are more modest motors but all are great fun to drive.

Our absolute favourite is not the most expensive car in the lot but it is a total classic and it’s increasingly rare to find one in such good condition. The MkI Escort RS was the rallying king back in the day and this fine example of the Rallye Sport harks back to a golden age of rally.

In a similar vein is the Mini Cooper S. This is a proper British icon of a car that transformed motoring in this country. Give your humble Mini a John Cooper makeover and you’ve got yourself a brilliant little rally car (just ask Charlie Croker and his Italian Job gang!).

Same with the Caterham. Small and extremely light this car may not have the long smooth lines of your usual brand of supercar but it will leave them standing at the start line with its amazing acceleration.

Things go very stylish with the Aston Martin V8 Vantage the Jaguar E-Type and the replica DB5. These cars need no introduction everyone knows they are amongst the most beautiful cars ever made. They’re those head-turning cars you’ve always coveted. Once again they all tick the box of British classic and all are fab to drive.

Last but not least is the AC Cobra. OK it’s not strictly an all British classic car as it was an Anglo-American project with Ford in the USA. This reproduction has come all the way from America and has been fitted out with a modern 5.0l V8 Mustang engine. We think Tony Stark would approve.

As to which cars you will be driving on this British Classic Car Choice it’s totally up to you. You get three miles in each one giving you plenty of time to get a taste of the best of British motoring across the decades. Now booking at locations around the UK.

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