Buggy Rally Experience Birmingham

Join the revolution when you go buggy rallying in Birmingham! Driving the very latest Revolution buggies by Walker-Adams you’ll experience extreme acceleration sharp handling and precision engineering which all combines to give you a fantastic session out on the track.

This is one crazy rally buggy. So much so that you’ll need to train beforehand in a much tamer single seater Rebel buggy. Getting used to this buggy driving lark in a practice area of this Birmingham circuit will put you in good stead for the main event. And make no mistake even though they’ve not got the horsepower of the Revolution buggy the Rebels are still a right handful and you’ll need to have your wits about you.

Having had your first taste of the buggy rallying in Brum you’ll be itching to get behind the wheel of the high-power high-thrills two-seater Revolutions. Brilliantly engineered to be super lightweight and agile these babies boast 220bhp. It really is going to be seat-of-your-pants stuff as you learn how to rally in this beast of a buggy.

And yes they are technically buggies but all the classic rally techniques still apply here. That’s to say you’ll be shown (depending on which buggy rally voucher you choose) how to handle oversteer understeer racing lines throttle control braking and clutch control (it’s worth noting Revolution buggies are six-gear manuals). You’ll even get to tackle Scandinavian flicks if you go for the full day buggy rally experience!

On all experiences you’ll be driving both the Rebel buggy and the 4×2 Revolution. You’ll also be treated to a high speed passenger ride in a top of the range 4×4 version. Driven by one of the day’s pro drivers it’ll take buggy rally antics to a whole new level and you’ll be holding on for dear life as you hurtle around the track busting flicks and handbrake turns as you go.

So if you fancy meeting and driving the latest Revolution from Walker-Adams sign up for your buggy rally in Birmingham and get ready to go at blistering speeds around the loose gravel track. Don’t forget to wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting mucky – these bad boys buggies don’t shy away from the dirt!

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