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Car Crush in Northamptonshire | The Real Britain Company

Car Crush in Northamptonshire

Most of us have seen car crushing scenes in the movies or on TV and have always wanted to get behind the controls of a tank and drive it relentlessly over a car well now is your chance to make your dream a once in a lifetime reality with this Car Crush Tank Experience near Brackley in Northamptonshire.

Rev up ‘The Daddy’ of all military vehicles the Chieftain main battle tank and crush a complete car under the tracks of this 56 tonne monster as if it were an empty beer can.  Then enjoy a moment of total satisfaction as you look back at the trail of shattered glass and twisted steel left behind you.  Best of all because the Chieftain is so huge there’s plenty of space for friends or family to ride in the tank with you and watch your face as you deliver total destruction to an innocent saloon or hatchback.

Your day out includes a welcome and safety briefing followed by two 20 minute tank driving experience sessions to ensure you can actually hit the target when the big moment arrives.  You will also enjoy a guided tour of the tank workshops enabling you to learn a little more about these amazing machines and find out just how big a tool box is required to look after them!

There is also a huge armoury on site containing a bewildering array of weapons ancient and modern.  The team of ex military instructors will be only too happy to show you around and explain their uses.

Once you’ve experienced this car crush tank experience in Brackley we’re sure you’ll want to take one home with you – handy for beating rush hour traffic and better fun than being sent to a warzone to be able to have the chance to get at the controls of a tank!

Find out more and book your place today!