Caterham Driving Experience

Take a Caterham for a drive on the track and feel the power of British motoring! We are offering three-mile Blast and six-mile Thrill experiences at a race track near you with this nationwide track day operator.

The Caterham car company has been the custodian of legendary car creator Colin Chapman’s original Seven design since 1973. Caterham is as passionate about this car as those who own and drive them. Sold in kit form or built in the Dartford factory the Caterham 7 is a modern day classic with serious racing roots.

The aim today is still very much the same as when Colin Chapman said: ‘Simplify and then add lightness’. And when you drive this Caterham you’ll see that reducing weight and increasing power is what this car is all about and has always been about.

Sure amongst modern day supercars the Caterham certainly looks a lot different. The round bug-style headlights perched above the front axle the curved wheel arches the exposed exhaust running along the bottom of the doors and the famously open cockpit are just some of the things that distinguish the Seven. All that and not forgetting the fact that for years it held motoring records beating cars that are three or four times more expensive!

However you can forget about having room for the weekly shop or your golf clubs in a car with such a stripped back design. This open two seater uses every inch of space to keep it mega light with a curb weight of just 515kg so storage space is very limited. All this goes to ensure the Caterham simply drives like a dream with you just centimetres from the tarmac of the circuit.

These Caterham drives are available at various locations around the country with both the Blast and Thrill experiences offered. Get securely strapped in and get ready to take the track by storm in your super lightweight Seven. It’s going to be fast thrilling and fun thanks to Caterham’s ethos that ‘puts the driver at the heart of everything we do’.

Find out more and book your place today!

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