Caterham in Oxfordshire

If you have ever wondered what a Caterham 7 driving experience is like let us enlighten you on this legendary car before you decide whether or not to take it for a spin around this compact circuit in Oxfordshire.

Yes it has what can only be described as retro looks but that’s because the design is decades old but boy is it a good one (thanks to a Mr Colin Chapman) that has won many a motor race too. And yes it does only have 150bhp which is about the same as a decent SUV on the roads today. But there’s one very very significant difference. The weight. And that’s what makes the experience of driving a Caterham 7 what it is – thrilling.

It’s all about function over form with the Caterham 7. Forget your modern driving experience gubbins like ABS traction control air conditioning and even central locking this car is stripped down to the bar minimum. Even the seat belts are harnesses rather than inertia type to save weight. All this is why it feel almost exoskeletal with the exhaust running on the outside of the bodywork the front suspension is all exposed and even the bonnet hatches are too.

Inside the cockpit of the Caterham 7 it is we admit a ‘bit of a squeeze’ sort of driving experience. The pedals are close together and the seats are so low that you can barely see over the windscreen. The heat generated from this little pocket rocket’s brakes and transmission seems to seep into you and you feel every single bit of tarmac you drive over in the Caterham 7. Now that’s what we call a proper driver’s experience!

With your bottom just inches from the floor as you drive the Caterham 7 you’ll experience the sheer acceleration and the why the car corners and stops like nothing else you have ever driven – it really is driving by the seat of your pants round the track near Bicester in Oxfordshire. With unbelievable levels of agility and grip this is a real supercar slayer.

On this Caterham 7 driving experience from IntotheBlue you will enjoy driving for six thrilling laps of this one mile course. The circuit is designed to allow you to experience the acceleration cornering poise and outright speed of this motoring legend rather than endless braking and power off moments. The bonus of this airfield site is that only the cones get damaged if you overcook it or miss an apex rather than the unforgiving barriers at a race circuit.

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