Chocolate Workshop in London

These chocolate workshops in central London give cocoa fans the chance to learn the indulgent culinary art of chocolate creation – and tasting! Our professional chocolatiers (how about that for a career choice?) host the chocolate workshop at their chocolate ‘factory’.

You will be heading to Islington for your chocolate-centric workshop. In a funky warehouse unit just north of Shoreditch and near the banks of Regent’s Canal this is a veritable light-filled laboratory of chocolate loveliness with fun and friendly hosts to match.

These original chocolate workshops begin with a brief history of chocolate. But fear not this won’t be like a dull history lessons at school with your nose in a hefty text book – you’ll have your nose in some delicious chocolate samples including raw cocoa nibs and 100% pure chocolate. The whole production process from bean to bar will be explained to you with plenty of tasting on the way.

Talk then moves on to ingredients and flavourings. Students will have the opportunity to tuck into some examples of hand-made work including some rather exotic flavours such as chilli chocolate. It takes a discerning palate to recognise some of the secret aromas and tastes but you’ll have fun playing the role of a chocolate connoisseur. Indeed who wouldn’t? And did you know you can tell the quality of chocolate and cocoa beans by taste? These London workshops will tell you all this and more about chocolate.

Then it’s chocolate recipe time lifting the lid on making fresh cream chocolate truffles. Then you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in coating these chocolate creations. After being shown how to cut dip and decorate the chocolate with delicious ingredients you will make a fab oversized chocolate button using professional decorating techniques and exotic ingredients.

The last part of these chocolate workshops in London lets you go wild with the wrapping for your chocolate-filled goody bag. Get those ribbons twirled and those fancy bows tied ready for you to take them home. These fun and convivial workshops are deliciously good choccy fun that will make shop-bought chocolate bars seem rather dull in comparison!


Chocolate making workshops and courses are also available at other venues in London and the south – are you tempted yet?

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Chocolate Workshop in London
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