Classic Aston Martin Vantage Drive

Fancy driving a classic Aston Martin? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a rather lovely (and particularly rare) 1970s Vantage revved up and ready for you at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire. Time to tell you more about this special sports car.

In general Aston uses the ‘Vantage’ moniker for upgraded models of their cars. However for just one production year that spread across 1972 and 1973 the Vantage was a model in its own right. Just 71 of these classic Aston Martin beauties were produced and we’re giving you the chance to drive one of them!

As you can probably tell from looking at the car the design was something of a departure from the classic Aston style. Like its DB6 stablemate of the same era the car was very much designed with the American market in mind so it’s a big fat 4.0l straight six engine under that long bonnet and it’s got automatic transmission too.

The sleek fastback of this Aston is quite different from the likes of the DB5 that featured in the James Bond movies. But worry not Aston purists those side and bonnet air in-takes synonymous with Aston are still very much apparent as is the iconic white-winged name badge on the bonnet. Inside this car it’s like stepping back in motoring time. All the dials are analogue the steering wheel seems enormous and best of all there’s a radio cassette player onboard! Don’t get distracted by these classic throwbacks to the 1970s though you’re here to drive this Aston so it’s over to you.

There’s a lot of power under that bonnet – and no driver aids to help you. As you push the gear lever into ‘Drive’ you’ll be off streaking down the Heyford Park track like a flash that gorgeous metallic blue coachwork sparkling as you go.

We are offering Blast and Thrill experiences for these classic Aston Martin drives. The Blast gives you three laps behind the wheel and the Thrill gives you six laps. If you’re looking for best value opt for the Friday voucher alternatively go for the Anytime voucher and all dates are open to you.

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