Classic Car Choice

If you are a fan of classic English cars (with a dash of American glitz thrown in!) you will absolutely love these driving sessions. They give you the chance to to drive some very special vehicles from a whole fleet of vintage cars which are all originals and all restored to pristine condition.

And what a line up it is! It’s a rather eclectic mix. There’s the small but perfectly formed English classic old-school Mini Cooper S for that Michael Caine blowing the doors off momen. The simply gorgeous Jaguar E-Type is the car that regularly wins most beautiful car awards even today. Then there’s the brilliantly muscly 3-litre race-winning Austin Healey that was ahead of the game with disc brakes overdrive and twin carburettors.

Finally along comes the odd one out from this all-English fleet of classic cars: the Ford Mustang. This is no ordinary Ford it’s a high performance version making it an even bigger beast to drive.

Many of these car models have graced our screens as the car of choice for various smooth and suave super sleuths spies goodies baddies and thieves too whilst in the real world they were much-loved by the rich and famous back in the day. It’s a great pleasure to see prime examples of these cars still being driven at full pace around a track and we think you’ll love it too.

We are offering three classic drive packages for you giving you one two or three cars of your choice to drive and for each of these stunning motors you take out on the track you will be given six laps behind the wheel. At this expansive circuit you can make the most of the long very fast straight so you can really hear the car in all its glory rather than endlessly braking for tight corners. We think this experience combines power and torque with style and luxury through the ages in some of the most popular English classic cars ever supported by the States too!

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