Classic Car Road Trip with Morgan Factory Tour

Not only do you go on a classic car road trip on this experience you get a guided tour of the Morgan factory too! This is motoring in the Malverns at its very best. Combining a fleet of gorgeous classic motors with a fascinating visit to a now rare 100% British-owned car manufacturer this is a day out motoring fans will adore.

The experience starts in Redditch where there will be a very inviting line-up of classic cars for you to embark on your road trip in. Various stopping points are incorporated into the 100mile round trip so you swap cars regularly driving a total of five by the end of the expedition. And of course this is driving on the public roads not just whizzing around a track.

As you’d imagine the roadbook for this road trip in stunning classic cars has been carefully constructed (and rigorously tested by the operator!) to use the best country roads. You won’t be buffeting along the motorway this tour is more about getting a real feel for the cars and just actually enjoying the sensation of driving – something that is invariably lost in our dull daily commute to the office in stop-start traffic.

Your route in the morning takes you to Malvern home to the Morgan car factory. On your tour you’ll witness the full manufacturing process from start to finish watching the highly skilled workforce hand build these fabulous Morgan cars just like they always have.

The brand was founded in 1910 by Mr Morgan and the company is still 100% privately owned by the Morgan family. A short film at the start of your factory tour tells you all about the history of Morgan up to the present day before you head off to the factory floor. Watch in awe as the ash wood and metal is formed and bonded see the trim shop at work and look on as the final assembly takes place right down to that final polish.

We think the factory tour is the perfect icing on the cake for this classic car road trip. You will be shown around by a highly knowledgeable guide and there’s even time to stop for lunch in the delightful on-site Morgan cafe before you continue your road trip across the Malvern Hills then back up to base.

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