Classic Mini Cooper S Driving Experience

This is a true car enthusiast’s delight as you get to drive a Mini Cooper! And no we’re not talking about one of those new-fangled BMW-built Minis we’re talking an iconic original Mini Cooper S. This is the miniature driving experience that is sure to put a big smile on your face.

This Mini Cooper S revolutionised modern car design when it was unleashed into the world in 1959. Designed by an inspired Alec Issigonis his remit was to come up with a small town roundabout that was economical on fuel and space efficient too. Initially produced as the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven the car was soon known as the Austin Mini and then simply the Mini. But how did the sporty Cooper version that you will drive on this experience come about?

Well Issigonis wasn’t convinced at first but his good friend and motorsport company owner John Cooper eventually managed to persuade him and so they worked together to create the Mini Cooper and then the even more powerful ‘S’ variants. The Mk 1 Cooper first screeched onto the scene in 1961 and was an instant success. It proved to be a formidable competitor on the race track even winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times no wonder Charlie Croker and his gang chose them as their Italian Job getaway cars!

The Mini Cooper used on this experience drive is a genuine 1970 Mk III Cooper S. Production of these classic little sporty numbers ceased in 1971 and there were in fact only 1570 of these souped up MkIII models ever built so this really is a car connoisseur’s dream. And what’s more it’s like coming home for this Mini Cooper when you take it for a drive around this Oxfordshire track as the car was built in Cowley Oxford which is only 20 minutes away.

Put simply we know you will love driving this original Mini Cooper. It’s old school cool with bags of retro charm that everyone who is lucky to drive one adores. You feel so low to the ground compared to nearly all standard vehicles today and they handle surprisingly well on the fast tarmac as you’ll find out for yourself because you have six laps to relish in this lovely car.

So if you’re looking for a unique gift for that discerning someone who knows their cars booking a drive in a Mini Cooper is sure to be a winner. These gutsy little cars are utterly compelling to drive and even just to look at as they hurtle around the track giving the new sports cars with all their fancy gadgetry a run for their money. And whilst you’re on your Mini Cooper drive take a moment to reflect on the fact that this wonderful British invention has inspired almost every front wheel drive small car ever since!

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