Clay Pigeon Shooting Edinburgh

Take aim and score a direct hit when you plump for a session of clay pigeon shooting near Edinburgh just south of West Calder and Livingston. Set against the stunning backdrop of lowland Scotland this is a real trigger-happy treat for anyone who enjoys some exhilarating outdoor sport.

Choose from a 50 75 or 100 clay one to one lesson or a 25 clay small group session (max eight participants) and the expert rifle instructors at this family-run school show you how much fun firing a gun at clay targets can be!

Popular with pro shooters and those new to the clay pigeon sport the Edinburgh-based shooting school is staffed by a range of experienced coaches all of whom are qualified through the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association the Scottish Clay Target Association the British Association for Shooting and Conservation or the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. With such a high standard of tuition on offer you can guarantee this will be a learning curve you won’t forget in a hurry!

After an initial safety briefing you’ll be given protective equipment and then sized up for a suitable gun for your clay pigeon session. The firearm you’ll be given all depends on your age height strength and experience at shooting clays – some of those rifles are a lot heavier and trickier to use than they look! But you’ll also be given a thorough explanation of how to load aim and fire your gun as well as tips on how to avoid straining your shoulder muscles with the inevitable recoil.

When you’re confident wielding your weapon it’s time to start hunting down some real targets. Well all of the pigeons and game at this rifle range just outside Edinburgh are actually made of clay but it gets thrown at you for shooting in different shapes and sizes to simulate the trajectories of real live animals. You could say it’s a more environmentally-friendly introduction to an age-old pastime. In recognition of its traditional roots though hitting a clay is still referred to as a ‘kill’ and missing is classed as ‘bird away’.

There are a number of firing traps across the site all automated meaning you can try a range of clay shooting styles including Down The Line (DTL) Sporting and Skeet. With a typical 50-clay session lasting between one and two hours there’s plenty of time to add some variety into the mix. If you opt for 75 or 100 clays then you can expect to see a real measure of shooting success before your time at this Scottish hunting ground is through whilst the 25 clay class gives you a great little taster of what the sport is all about.

Why not give someone you love the confidence to aim for the stars and let them try clay pigeon shooting near Edinburgh: an enjoyable education in the fine art of firing a gun accepting some failure and above all celebrating success as a proper clay pigeon shooter.

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