Clay Pigeon Shooting Hertford

A huge variety of targets will be laid on when you go clay pigeon shooting in Hertfordshire! It’s going to be a great day out in the countryside with this fun and friendly team who will only be too pleased to show you the ins and outs of shooting clays.

We have to say this shooting ground is in a lovely spot. Accessed through a gated private road you head along the track to arrive at a clearing around a wooded area and the heart of this Hertfordshire ground. It’s been well laid out and planned with a number of stands neatly spread out and offering different types of shooting too.

You’ll be welcomed by the crew here in Hertford. All sessions start with a safety briefing and explanation of what to expect from your experience before you and your fellow budding hot shots then head off to get kitted up for taking aim at those clay pigeons.

In essence you’ll need not only your shotgun and your cartridges but also ear defenders and eye protection too. As for what you’ll be actually aiming at the targets and clays will be ready stacked up just waiting to be fired off into the skies over Hertfordshire for you to pull the trigger and smash them to pieces in that incredibly satisfying way!

As you’d expect safety is paramount but there is also that rather fun atmosphere here too with everyone from complete beginners and novices to hobbyists and even dedicated shots who seek out the clays in all weathers all having enough challenging targets to keep everyone happy and with the banter from the instructing team it’s all the more memorable too.

We are offering both 25 and 50 clay experiences which we think will give you plenty of time to get used to your gun perfect your stance and really start tracking the clays confidently before obliterating them with your spot-on hit. Everything you need to get started is included at this the premier clay pigeon and shooting club in Hertfordshire.

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