Clay Pigeon Shooting in Devon

A perfect introduction to the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting in Devon is offered at this centre nestled amongst the trees of this vast Devonshire country estate near Dawlish. There are also excellent facilities for shooters and their guests alike.

Even the entrance to this Ashcombe Estate shooting ground creates the right impression. It’s a long winding wooded driveway cutting across classic Devonshire rolling countryside. We think this is a great place to learn the art of shooting those clay pigeons as they whizz in every which way above your heads waiting to be aimed at with a 20 gauge shotgun.

We are offering 25 and 50 clay experiences for individuals and small groups of up to six budding shooters out on the traps at once. All experiences start with a safety briefing and how to handle the shotgun. Only when you are happy with all that you’ve learnt does the instructor load the first cartridge ready for your first attempt to smash a clay target to a zillion pieces with the ricochet of the shot ringing out across the rolling hills of this little part of Devon.

Reliable and fully automatic Parker clay pigeon traps are used at throughout this Devonshire shooting ground as they are well known for releasing the targets as consistently as possible and each one is thrown to imitate the flight of different game birds and not just pigeons. So imagine driven pheasant springing teal and dropping ducks all appearing at some point during your two hour lesson. And in terms of where the targets come from there are skeet down the line compact sporting and even clays flying out of the trees!

Your clay pigeon shooting in Devon experience ends with a friendly competition to find the best shot of the day before heading off to celebrate your shooting prowess in the appropriately named Stagger Inn on site. We also offer similar shooting activities at venues other than Devon please see our main clay pigeon shooting page for more details.

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