Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

Become a hot shot with these extended Shooting Lessons in Bedfordshire! If you’re looking for clay pigeon shooting experiences that go beyond the usual taster lessons and take you a little more in-depth these half day sessions at this friendly gun club (complete with the Shooting Lodge clubhouse and gun shop) north of Bedford will see you receiving intensive shooting tuition to put you well on the way to becoming a top shooter.

All lessons are hosted by instructors who are full Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) academy coaches (and have many years of experience behind them) so you will be in the best hands to get to grips with guns and get a real insight into what the thrill and exhilaration of shooting is all about with your intensive lesson.

This is an ideal gift for someone who is keen on taking up clay pigeon shooting as a hobby as the lessons start in the classroom to give you a decent amount of knowledge and know-how before you handle a gun.  After all it’s very quick and easy to ‘have a go’  by aiming at a few clays and probably missing most of them.  To get you properly set up so you hit the targets takes time and these clay shooting lessons will include the eye dominancy test and stance tuition so you can get that ‘pigeon’ straight in your sights before firing the shotgun.

Of course your shooting lesson isn’t all theory there’s plenty of time outside handling the shotgun and learning “the method” for hitting and breaking the targets. During your half day of shooting tuition you will be shown the intricacies of flying targets the guns and the ammunition so you get a real understanding of the sport.

On each of our clay shooting lessons you’ll have up to 50 pigeons to shoot at and with the top notch training beforehand you can expect to hit a good few of the targets as you start showing signs of being an experienced shot.

Find out more and book your place today!

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