Clay Pigeon Shooting Newcastle

Learn clay pigeon shooting in Newcastle on this quintessentially English country estate! It’s all very green and pleasant at this centre in the grounds of Slaley Hall one of the north east’s finest residences.

It’s all rolling hills as far as you can see and the mist over the mysterious moors in the morning all making for a superb location for partaking in a spot of the genteel sport of clay pigeon shooting.  It is all very ‘classic country pursuits’ at this outdoor activity centre but don’t worry if you haven’t got your wax jacket and your wellies – this clay shoot experience is open to all even town-loving folk who don’t often venture into the countryside beyond Newcastle city centre!

Once you do you’ll be glad you did make the decision to have a go at this exhilarating gun sport. There’s nothing quite like hoisting the shotgun onto your shoulder closing an eye looking down the barrel and through the sight waiting as your heart pumps for that distinctive ‘clunk’ as the clay is released and whistles through the Northumbrian sky goading you to blast it to bits.

The set up here is simple but very effective. It’s not a shooting club so the stands are specifically set up for those booking on these exclusively organised clay pigeon experience days in Newcastle. That means the ambiance is always good as everyone is eager to give it a go and become a clay smashing king or queen. Of course safety remains the absolute priority and everything is carried out to the strictest procedures and all instructors here in Newcastle are fully qualified to run these clay shoots.

We are offering clay pigeon shooting in Newcastle experiences with 30 or 50 targets to aim at.  The centre accepts youngsters from 13 years of age (with smaller bore shotguns available) and the shoot is open all year round so you might find yourself aiming at clay pigeons in the sultry summer sunshine or firing cartridges on a crisp autumnal day in some of the best moorlands of the north east – either way the sheer delight when you ‘dust’ your very first clay pigeon is hard to beat!

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