Clay Pigeon Shooting South Wales

Get ready with your shotgun for clay pigeon shooting in South Wales! We are talking as picturesque as can be for this shoot held in the heart of the Black Mountains within the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park. Let’s see if you turn out to be a hotshot in the Beacons! 

You will certainly be in the thick of the South Wales countryside for these sessions. And no doubt there are hundreds of pigeons rabbits and pheasants residing around these parts but fear not no fluffy or feathered creatures will be harmed in the name of this shoot – all targets you’ll be aiming at are made of clay.

The aim of the game is simple. You have to smash those flying round discs out of the sky by shooting them down with your gun. A fully-qualified clay shoot instructor will be on hand to assist. They might have a remote control to release the clays or one of you will be shouting the immortal ‘PULL!’ to alert the trapper to release a clay. Either way you’ll need to be ready with eyes peeled to track that clay and release the trigger at the right moment.

Of course a full safety briefing is included and you will be kitted out with a suitable gun for size and build. After that you’ll be shown how to handle the gun how to stand and given top tips on how to (hopefully) smash that pesky clay to smithereens.

It’s worth noting that these introductory clay pigeon shooting sessions in South Wales are two-hours long (as opposed to many venues who offer one-hour tasters). That means you’ve got plenty of time to get comfortable with the gun and lots of opportunities to hit those clays. You get 25 of them included in with these vouchers and more are available to purchase on the day if you really go for it and want shoot some more within your two-hour slot.

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