Clay Shooting Experience with Refreshments

We think these clay target shooting experiences are spot on – great value for money fun and open to all whether you’re a hotshot or not! Expect to be taking aim with sessions at centres all over the UK that are hidden within rolling pastureland on the edge of wooded areas and the odd grassy knoll too!

Whether it’s something a bit different for you to do as a couple you want to organise an outing for your friends or have just always fancied blasting those clays out of the sky these lessons will teach you how to shoot and how to make sure your aim is as good as the pro shooters.

As with most things in life the key to accurate shooting is all in the preparation. If you go out onto the range all gung-ho with your shotgun slung over your shoulder you’re a loose cannon who is not going to succeed in this clay target challenge. Take some time listen to the briefing get properly kitted out with a gun that’s suitable for your build learn the best stance position how to hold the gun how to aim and even how to breatheā€¦

All this will put you in good stead for smashing clays to bits with shot after shot. Just imagine the exhilaration as after each shot rings out you hear the subsequent ‘crack’ sound as the clay soaring across the sky in front of you is suddenly stopped in its tracks with pieces being sent off in all directions. Now that’s what we call a direct hit.

Of course shooting the clays may not come naturally to you so instructors are on hand throughout the sessions to offer handy hints and tips so if you start off a bit ropey by the end of the lesson you should be making pretty good progress when it comes to timing your shooting to hit the target with clays falling out of the sky left right and centre!

We have clay target shooting centres around the UK and all offer expert tuition good facilities and modern safe equipment which is all included in the price of the voucher. There are at least 32 cartridges per participant giving you plenty of ammo for hitting those clays and even complimentary refreshments to keep you warm and cosy in winter and refreshed and ready in summer. What more could you ask for?

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