Clay Shoots in Nottingham

Clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham is a sporting tradition that goes back generations – so why not give this time-honoured avian activity a go with our popular Clay Pigeon Shooting experiences at this friendly ground and gun club in the heart of Nottinghamshire?

From clueless clay punters to pot-shot pros this shooting ground in between Nottingham and Mansfield offers something for everyone. Our clay pigeon shooting packages give you a choice of 25 or 50 clays and with eight skeet layouts and a competition-standard English sporting range as well as an unobstructed north-facing skyline – we think these are perfect conditions for clay shooting. Take aim and fire to your heart’s content either starting from scratch or building on existing skills.

For those unused to wielding a weapon this long-established school north of Nottingham city centre will give you all the tuition you need on the best techniques. You also get a safety briefing as standard before they let you out onto the firing range and you’ll be supervised the entire time so there’s no chance of a shot going astray!

Most recently the venue has been used for practice by the National Clay Pigeon team and given clay shooting’s status as an Olympic sport the provision for training here is excellent. It’s a family-run enterprise too meaning you get quality service that is perfectly tailored to your individual skill level.

Make the most of this superb chance to hone your clay pigeon shooting skills in the Nottinghamshire region with our centre located in the heart of the historic Sherwood Forest. With a full range of shot disciplines from the self-explanatory Single Barrel to Down the Line (as well as everything in between) finding out the significance of these techniques is one of the challenges of the day – as well as hitting as many clays as you can!

Our clay pigeon shooting in Nottingham activity is great to do with friends or even work colleagues and we offer vouchers accommodating up to 12 people. In addition groups of four or more are given a complimentary framed 6”x4” photograph as a memento of your day where you smashed it on the clay shooting stands in amongst the pine trees of Sherwood Forest. So aim for the sky with this Nottinghamshire shoot and see if you can ruffle some (clay) feathers!

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