Clays Tunbridge Wells

Get ready for a shoot party in the park when you go clay pigeon shooting in Tunbridge Wells! The emphasis here is very much on being a sociable friendly and fun place to smash a few clays to smithereens – are you are most welcome to join the gang.

Of course safety is paramount and all participants will be personally introduced to the sport by one of the team of expert instructors here at Tunbridge Wells. An essential part of clay pigeon shooting is being given the right gun for you experience and stature so the staff will take the time to do this with you. You will also be given ear and eye protection which must be worn during the shoot.

What we love about this parkland venue just north of Tunbridge Wells is the flexibility. The clay pigeon shooting team sets up the stands in amongst acres of typical rolling Kentish countryside making sure the shooting is varied and challenging but also allowing beginners to be able to hit the ‘birds’ and have the satisfaction of being able to progress in the sport – after all it’s no fun if you never get a hit is it?

We also like the fact that there are so many options available. If you’ve never even held a gun before the 25 clay taster is the perfect way to start. BASC and APSI qualified clay pigeon instructors who run this Tunbridge Wells set up will be literally standing at your side to give you the help you may need to make a hit on target.

If you have some experience already or you want to make real inroads into this clay pigeon shooting lark we recommend either the 50 or 75 clay vouchers for Tunbridge Wells. It’s really quite cool how they run these longer experiences as you start with a 25 clay practice session take a refreshment break and then head out to the stands for round two.

For groups of 4 or more the second session is usually run as a competition to get you and your fellow clay shooters aiming at those flying clay pigeons with even more gusto and concentration. It’s not just personal honour that’s at stake the best shot will be crowned the finest clay pigeon shooter in Tunbridge Wells and presented with a medal – so go for it!

If you book for the 25 clay pack you can expect to have a go on at least two different stands three for the 50 clays experiences and four on the 75 package. If you go for the big 100 clay pigeon shooting this Tunbridge Wells venue will provide you with a full range of challenges as you move around the ground tracking and taking aim at whatever clay pigeon traps care to throw at you!

Find out more and book your place today!