Crossbow Experience

Book in for a crossbow lesson and discover how powerful and accurate crossbows are! Once you know the basics of modern crossbow shooting and all the safety routine you could be hitting the targets with surprising accuracy.

It won’t surprise you to learn that crossbows come in all weights and sizes. And whilst they might look pretty big and bulky you certainly don’t need bulging biceps to be able to fire one. In fact the way you shoot a crossbow means it’s easier than using a traditional bow and arrow. Here’s why…

A crossbow consists of the bow which is mounted to the main body. At the front there is a stirrup which you put you foot in to steady the crossbow when you are cocking it ready to the load the arrow or bolt. And this is where as you’ll discover on your lesson the crossbow is different to the usual archery bow. You pull the string of the bow back and the lock holds the stringed in its cocked position. You then have your hands free to load the arrow into place.

Firing the crossbow is more akin to a rifle than an archery bow as you have a stock a grip and trigger. And this is what makes crossbow shooting more accurate. You’re not trying to hold on to the pulled back string with the arrow whilst you take aim. It’s all held in place with the crossbow’s bolt catcher so you can take your time to line up your shot using the front and main sights. And as for being more powerful that’s down to the fact that the bow’s string has a higher resistance – and that means your arrow will fly further and with more force.

Exciting stuff then learning how to cock load and fire a crossbow. Once you’ve mastered the basics on this lesson you’ll move on to more challenging shooting games. You might be drawn on for a round of ‘Killer’ ‘Shoot the Stag’ or ‘Destroy the Zombies’. Of course nothing living or breathing will be harmed during the course of your crossbow shooting session but it will be a whole load of fun.

There’s just time at the end of your one-hour crossbow lesson to determine the king of the crossbow with a ‘Who can beat the Zombies’ finale. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as it’s ‘full head shots’ that’ll beat the nasties to crown you crossbowing champion!

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