Cyantist Escape Room Bournemouth

An escape room in Bournemouth all about science! Think more crazy scientist rather than complicated formulae as you and your team try to solve the clues and break out of your room in under 60 minutes.

There are two different Cyantist escape rooms for you to choose between. The Clockwork Orange is a perfect introduction if you’ve never done an escape room before. It’s science-themed and requires solving logical and mechanical puzzles that involve water and air pressure too. We won’t tell you any more than that in case we give anything away…

The slightly harder game here in Bournemouth is the Science Lab. The story here is that you’ve come into contact with a leaky barrel of sodium cyanide. It might a chemical used in industry but it’s highly toxic and one of the most rapidly acting of all poisons. There’s no time to waste then as you seek to solve the puzzles and find the antidote.

The setting for both games is very much ‘abandoned lab’ style. You’ll come face to face with everything from lasers and mirrors to mathematical puzzles and padlocks in your quest to escape. If you get stuck there may be a mysterious lab assistant lurking around who may be able to help but in essence you’re in the locked room by yourselves and it’s up to you to work your way out!

We are offering vouchers for two four or six of you to enter the room of your choice together. All sessions are timed giving you an hour to work through the puzzles and challenges to then release yourself out of the lab. Be warned it’s going to be dark dank and murky in there so keep your wits about you!

Have you and your team got what it takes to beat the Cyantist escape rooms in Bournemouth? Book a slot and see if you can work it all out before your 60-minutes is up.

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