Dads and Lads Tank Experience

We salute you on our Dads and Lads Tank Experience in Leicestershire! Of course Mums and Daughters or any combination of the above are welcome too on this mud-filled driving and shooting extravaganza – the only prerequisite is that one person aged 16 years or over drives and one is the passenger (can be an adult or a child aged at least eight).

Lads and lasses alike will love this centre located just outside Market Harborough in south Leicestershire as this special armoured vehicle driving adventure is authentic and action-packed. You will immediately get into the spirit of the day as you are kitted out in proper military overalls and army-style helmets.

You will both head out to meet the fiendish FV432 tank. This type of armoured personnel carrier although no longer on the front line is still an integral part of military operations and it’s a real coup to be able to get up close to ride in and even drive one these fully tracked tanks.

To start off you will both be passengers in the 17 tonne beast thundering along the beautiful Leicestershire countryside which is actually a former WW2 bombing range. One of the professional instructors will be at the controls so you will find out just what these FV432s are capable of on the battlefield.

You will then pull up in a strategic position ready for the second part of your experience. It’s time to get ready for battle as you will be firing the air cannon to try and obliterate the targets in the field of combat in front of you. Taking it turns to load and fire you will be working that 40mm air cannon mounted on the front turret of the tank – it’s all about the dads and lads working as a team at this point!

Once the enemy targets have been neutralised you will be safe to get back to the business of driving this metal monster. The nominated driver (who must be over 16 and is usually Dad!) will then be under the spot light as it’s your turn to get the FV432 rumbling around the track. Once you have the controls sussed you will head off on two laps of the circuit.

That all might be pretty easy (and great fun) but the Dads and Lads tank experience concludes with a bit of a tricky challenge – negotiating the same track once more but with the hatch closed! Yes this is what it’s really like commanding a tank in a war zone as you trundle over the bumps and troughs using only the periscope to navigate the way – and of course your partner will be with you as a passenger.

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