Dinghy Sailing Milton Keynes

Dinghy sailing courses in Milton Keynes for all! Learn to sail a dinghy boat on Willen Lakes in Milton Keynes. Get the wind in your sails for a 90-minute taster or a RYA two day course and enjoy the pleasures of sailing on in-land water.

If you’re curious about what it takes to sail a boat we can highly recommend the Discover Sailing course for you. You’ll spend a good hour and a half at this Milton Keynes centre learning the basics of sailing a dinghy. That gives you enough time to get to grips with what sailing is all about whilst not getting too tired.

Those of you who want to learn more about sailing should look at the excellent value for money two-day RYA Start Sailing (Level 1) course. With on-shore and on-water tuition across two full days at the sailing centre you’ll have a really good grounding for being able to sail a boat – and it’s an RYA course too which means you get a qualification at the end!

Both courses are run and hosted by fully qualified RYA sailing instructors who are really good at giving clear instructions at motivating you and encouraging you with your sailing techniques. There’s always instructor supervision out on the lakes whilst boats are out so there’s always someone keeping an eye on you.

Boats used for these courses include Laser Pico and Laser Bahia dinghies. Operated at sailing schools all over the world the Laser range of boats is one of the best for beginners. They’re light and agile easy to handle and great on the water too. They’re big enough for one adult or one to two children.

Facilities down at Willen Lakes are fantastic making it a really nice place to go for sailing courses in the Milton Keynes area. It’s a great choice for ‘making a weekend of it’ with lots of accommodation from glamping sites to well-known chain hotels on or near Willen Lakes so you can stay overnight and sail all day!

Find out more and book your place today!

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