Dirt Buggies for Two Cheshire

Introducing the Blitzworld Vigilante dirt buggies in Cheshire! These machines are in a completely different league to your typical off road kart. The Vigilante buggy has a car engine and a manual gear box so they go like the clappers. Fancy taking one on as a duo? Here’s all the pair of you need to know on this buggy experience for two. 

The team who design and make these mad little buggies have come up with a winner in the Vigilante. It’s purely for off-road use. It has a full NASCAR-type roll cage and racing harnesses (which have proved pretty useful for some rather trigger happy buggyers!) has full independent suspension FOX nitrogen damped shocks on the rear and 12” alloys fitted with blank tread tyres.

Yep this dirt buggy certainly walks the walk and talks the talk. Which is why this Cheshire team has devised a seriously challenging circuit for their resident Vigilantes. These hardy machines take all the off road use and abuse in their stride and just keep on going. And going. Whatever the weather.

The main buggy driving season at this Cheshire venue is spring and summer. The ground is brilliantly hard and bouncy with plenty of opportunity to get the dust flying at spectacular speed. And of course the circuit includes the obligatory water splashes so expect to be getting mucky whilst you buggy. And that’s what it’s all about.

For these dirt buggy sessions in Cheshire you’ll be a pair (as the Vigilante is a two seater). Your voucher is for two people so whilst one of you is driving the other will be passenger keeping that buggy nicely balanced as you screech round the bends. You can choose to swap over mid-way or not so it’s an ideal experience if there’s a non-driver. For those keen to take on these powerful buggies you will need to know how to use a manual gearbox as the Vigilantes have normal car engines!

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