Doctor Who London Walking Tour

Walk in the footsteps of time lords their companions and their adversaries on this Doctor Who London tour! For two and half hours you’ll be guided around the capital seeing the locations used for the famous BBC TV show and learning lots of fascinating facts as you go.

Perfect for Whovians as well as those who are maybe only casual viewers of the show these Dr Who walking tours around London are hosted by one of the biggest fans of the show you could possibly hope to meet. Full of facts anecdotes and insider titbits you’ll all be kept entertained by your guide. We particularly like the nice touch of having screen shots on hand to show you the characters in situ at the locations you visit.

Who could forget Rose and the Dr running across Westminster Bridge? Then there’s the time the Doctor watched Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ at the Globe Theatre before meeting the famous Bard himself. And what about all those Cybermen marching menacingly down the steps of St Paul’s? You’ll see all these places and lots more of Dr Who’s London during these tours.

As you may know Doctor Who has been keeping viewers engrossed since 1963 with so many regenerations of the time lord and so many baddies in so many dystopian nightmares to deal with. These particular Dr Who tours of London concentrate on the show since its reboot in 2005 (when Christopher Ecclestone took possession of the sonic screwdriver) to present day.

The series is as popular as ever with millions tuning in to see what capers await the Doctor. From riding gravity-defying motorbikes up that very famous and very tall building at the heart of London Bridge to discovering that one of London’s most recognisable landmarks doubles up as the Nestene Consciousness’s transmitter to activate those Autons it’s action-packed all the way.

A Doctor Who tour in London will give you a fascinating fan’s insight into the TARDIS travelling Doctor and their endless adventures to save us from the end of the universe as we know it. Whovian or not you will love this tour on foot that’ll teach you lots about the capital you probably didn’t know!

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Doctor Who London Walking Tour
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