Dodge Charger Experience

This is a Dodge Charger drive with a difference – it’s in a General Lee style! Confederate flag? Yes. Bright orange coachwork? Affirmative. Large 01 on the doors? Present. OK guys and girls you’re ready to drive this classic Dodge Charger around a race track. Yeehaa!

Just like Bo and Luke the famous Duke brothers who hailed from Hazzard County you will be putting your foot to the metal in this Dodge Charger. And although they’ll be no Boss Hogg or Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane on your tail it will be still be a massive thrill to be able to take this iconic motor for a little drive around the circuit. It may not be the fastest beast out there compared to the sports cars today but it’s great fun.

Indeed there’ll be no time to stop off at the Boar’s Nest for a bit of line dancing with Daisy you’ve got laps to do in this Dodge Charger. We’ve got a choice of venues around the UK for you to choose from for your Charger drive so you won’t be far from the General Lee wherever you are in the country. In fact if you listen closely you can probably hear that famous Dixie horn blasting out!

And legend has it that with all the jumps and stunts they got through over 150 Dodge Chargers during the making of this hit 70s show. What’s more as they weren’t made anymore the production crew resorted to leaving notes on windscreens of second generation 1969 Dodge Chargers in local parking lots offering to buy them to use and abuse in the hit TV show.

Luckily there were plenty of third generation Dodge Chargers left across America after the series finished including this one built in 1972  which has made it across the Atlantic. Fully restored and lovingly maintained in showroom condition this is a fine homage to that infamous Dukes of Hazzard car.

We’ve got a couple of pieces of advice for anyone taking part in a Dodge Charger drive: no sliding over the bonnet of the car or jumping in through the window to get in – just open the door!

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