Dodge Charger Pursuit

The Dodge Charger Pursuit – when you’re chasing a devious felon you need this car! One of the most powerful cop cars in America this souped up Charger patrols the highways of the United States of America keeping citizens safe from harm. There’s also one in Bovingdon – and you can drive it.

Behind those familiar black and white police car stripes you’ll find some pretty neat gadgets.The vehicle systems interface on the Pursuit features vehicle speed output drive position output radio mute input and pulse width modulation. Then there are the automatic locking doors and windows. And alongside the usual lights and sirens there’s even an onboard searchlight.

If you’re unlucky enough to be taking a ride in the back of Charger Pursuit courtesy of a law enforcement officer and fancy having a friendly chat with the cops up front you can forget it you’re separated from them by a bullet proof glass window and wire mesh barrier!

And if you’re the Feds in hot pursuit giving it some with the ‘yelp’ ‘wail’ and ‘take down’ sirens you’ll appreciate the HEMI 5.7l V8 380bhp engine under the hood. With an unbeatable top speed amongst Police cars the Smokeys can keep up with most bandits trying to get away.

The Charger Pursuit you’ll be driving on this experience has all the looks of a Sheriff’s patrol car and it’ll certainly turn heads when you accelerate out of the pits at Bovingdon. Pop on your Ray-Bans and drive this Dodge Charger Pursuit…like you stole it!

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